Gluten Free Foods List: A Quick Reference Guide

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With the awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance becoming widespread, you’re probably asking yourself what you can safely eat. If you’re new to this lifestyle, you may be totally overwhelmed. Even gluten-free veterans need some help because this way of living really does take some time to understand. Celiac disease is brought about by … Read more

Celiac Diet 101: Starter Information for Going Gluten Free

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When you’re first diagnosed with celiac disease (CD) or gluten intolerance, it’s not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed. Your doctor tells you to go on this strict gluten-free diet, that you’ve probably never even heard of before, and now you’ve got to change your lifestyle. It’s a blessing that CD and gluten intolerance can be … Read more

5 Best Gluten Free Bread Brands You Can Buy

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When you “go gluten free” bread is probably one of the first foods to go. Who wants live without delicious sandwiches, buttery toast or a classic PB&J? Not me, which is why I compiled this gluten free bread brands list. In the past, gluten-free breads didn’t always have the best flavor (to put it nicely). … Read more

Eating Paleo and the Gluten-Free Diet: A Compatible Lifestyle

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Eating Paleo / Primal foods reverts to a very basic diet consisting of meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, eggs, herbs, nuts, seeds, fruit and healthy oils. You’ll see at least one common factor here: all of these natural foods can be eaten with minimal to no form of processing or altering.   And, like the … Read more