Gluten Free Diet for Kids Ebook in Review: How to Raise Kids Gluten Free (Melanie Wilson)

How to Raise Kids Gluten Free by Melanie Wilson
How to Raise Kids Gluten Free by Melanie Wilson

Many people have difficulty coping with gluten intolerance even after it’s discovered that it’s the source of their health problems. Both gluten intolerance and celiac disease are difficult to diagnose because of its sneaky nature. As diagnosis can be difficult, most children with this problem continue suffering from the multitude of symptoms until the condition is finally pinpointed. A gluten free diet for kids can be difficult.

Adults can have a lot of trouble dealing with the mandatory dietary restrictions of a gluten-free diet, but for children, it can be even more problematic. Imagine what kids have to go through when they realize they can’t have the same foods as their friends? I have a friend who’s child is gluten intolerant and have seen firsthand how difficult this can be. Being sensitive to gluten myself, I understand and sympathize with the challenges my friend faces on a daily basis.

Because of all this, I began looking for specific information that addresses how children, in particular, can live with gluten sensitives and celiac disease. I was really excited when I found Melanie Wilson’s How to Raise Kids Gluten Free ebook. This document thoroughly explains all the ins and outs of preparing a gluten free diet for kids, as well as how to do it so that they don’t feel deprived. I was extremely happy to share this information with my friend, and I just had to write a review so that other parents can get help from it too.

Fundamentals of gluten intolerance

In order to solve a problem, it’s important to understand it first. This is hard considering many parents have never even heard of celiac disease or gluten intolerance until it happens to their child.

This eBook starts off by explaining the very basics of gluten intolerance and celiac disease so that parents understand how they can help their children. Subjects that the eBook cover include the medical aspects of the problem, a strategy to cope with it, key symptoms and diagnosis process.

Key dietary information to keep in mind

People who are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease have to take precautions in terms of what foods are available to them. While this is an inconvenience for most adults, for children it can be almost impossible.

The reason for this is twofold. On the one hand, kids can be willful while, on the other, they need the right kind of nutrition for their formative years. This is why this eBook focuses on gluten relates to children with respect to:

  • what they can eat
  • what they cannot eat
  • which ingredients are gluten free
  • how to find gluten free food items in the store
  • how to make meals and dishes that are tasty, gluten free and, most of all, kid friendly!

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Preparing a gluten free diet for kids

As you may already know, cooking is a major part of your child’s gluten free lifestyle, especially because the risk of cross contamination is ever present. This is why Melanie Wilson goes into great detail about preparing to transition to this diet.

Melanie also focuses on many aspects including how a parent can prepare the kitchen and pantry to keep cross contamination at bay. The ebook also places an emphasis on a dilemma that most families face: whether they should all go entirely gluten free or not. To help with this, she provides information that focuses on children of all ages including babies, toddlers, tweens and teenagers.

The psychological aspect of gluten intolerance

A major psychological aspect to gluten intolerance and celiac disease exists that many parents don’t realize. Usually, diagnosis of this kind and the resultant lifestyle changes cause a child to become depressed and feel a certain level of unfairness.

This means the mental ramifications of such conditions also need to be taken into consideration by the parents.

This ebook covers this subject in great detail. My friend found this particularly helpful because she felt prepared to make sure her child felt empowered despite his gluten intolerance.

Case studies to drive the point home

While basic facts and information are important, nothing can be compared to real-world examples when it comes to getting a point across. In this ebook, concepts pertaining to all aspects of the diet and lifestyle are driven home by way of case studies. These studies help the reader relate to other parents who have gone through similar milestones in their lives.

From working with your pediatrician to handling social events, this ebook gives you a great foundation for building a gluten free diet for kids that really works. Here’s hoping you and your family live a happy, healthy life without the gluten!

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