Gluten Free Chocolate Ebook in Review: Amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate (Pamela Vinten)

Amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate by Pamela Vinten
Amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate by Pamela Vinten

When I first went gluten free, I mistakenly thought I’d only have vegetables, fruits and meats to eat. That depressed me. Some say food isn’t just nutrition for the body but also for the soul. Try to go through life without things like ice cream and chocolate and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Sure having basic foods everyday gives your body energy, but where’s the fun in that? I felt my enthusiasm drain, and every once in awhile, I’d go off my gluten-free diet and pay for it with painful symptoms. I suspect this is why so many with celiac disease sufferers see the return of symptoms.

Consistently eating things without taste has the potential to gradually wean away all your will power. I was on the verge of succumbing to the desire for what would have been the thousandth time, but then I came across the Amazing Gluten Free Chocolate eBook by Pamela Vinten.

I’ve used it, tested it and found that it’s packed with useful information. Here are some of my opinions.

About the author

When it comes to books, the first thing I do before purchasing is to find information about the author. I’ve bought some questionable eBooks in the past written by some not-so-knowledgeable people so now I always do my research.

The author for this eBook, Pamela Vinten, is a woman who has done it all. She’s an academic who has taught home economics, she’s a businesswoman who has founded a prosperous catering business, she is a nutritionist in the mold of a rawist, and, just as importantly, she takes care of her own large family.

Now, in order to understand the significance of chocolate made out of raw ingredients, it’s important to know what a rawist is. A rawist, or a raw foodist, is an individual who believes that food items should not be cooked above a certain temperature because this takes away their nutritional value. Furthermore, a rawist always advocates natural food items as opposed to processed ones.

Focusing on celiac disease and gluten sources

In the book, Pamela Vinten starts by focusing on the problem of celiac disease. Even though this is a subject close to my heart and, therefore, have studied it in detail, this portion of Pamela Vinten’s eBook helped me learn new things. This section is followed by even more information where Pamela pinpoints the sources of gluten.

Despite the fact that gluten intolerance is a genetic problem, its solution lies in changing lifestyle habits. As gluten is such an integral part of the modern diet, it can be very difficult for an individual to get around the issue. This is why this section is so important.

A gluten free chocolate bonanza

Variety is the spice of life and this is also another aspect where this eBook wins out. There are nearly 40 different types of recipes broken into the following categories:

  1. 27 general chocolate based recipes
  2. 3 specific recipes for Easter holidays
  3. 7 unique chocolate recipes for the Christmas season
  4. 3 recipes for Valentine’s Day

There’s also a careful and fact-based comparison between the natural chocolate that is used in these recipes and the processed chocolate products that are available in the modern market.

In essence, there are two things that the eBook made me consider. The first is that ingredients and additives in modern day chocolate products may mean that they contain gluten. The second is that the more a food item is processed, the more it loses its nutritional value.

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Key aspects of the recipes provided in this eBook

I’ve found this eBook to be extremely useful not only in terms of how it titillates my taste buds, but also how it keeps me symptom free and healthy. However, as I continuously use this eBook, I’ve found many more pluses:

  1. Completely gluten free chocolate recipes as there’s not even a single ingredient used which contains gluten
  2. Emphasis on the quality of ingredients, which means that they are natural, whole, and unprocessed
  3. Total control over the problem of cross contamination, which is one of the prime reasons why even careful gluten intolerant individuals continue suffering
  4. Extremely nutritious gluten free chocolate recipes containing nutrition in the form of minerals like magnesium, chromium and iron, antioxidants, appetite inhibitors, anti depressants and essential fatty acids
  5. Recipes are also milk free, which meets the needs of celiac disease suffers who are often also lactose intolerant
  6. Taste as an important component to keep the soul refreshed along with the stomach.

We hope this review describes what an amazing resource this eBook is. When I started making the gluten free chocolate recipes I actually found the desserts to taste better than what I used to eat before. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything now!

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Gluten Free Chocolate Ebook in Review: Amazing Gluten-Free Chcolate (Pamela Vinten)” description=”A fantastic ebook containing decadent, nutritious gluten-free chocolate recipes.” rev_name=”Amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate by Pamela Vinten” rev_body=”Many people on a celiac diet mistakenly believe they can never have chocolate, but that’s not true at all. Pamela Vinten’s ebook not only describes what makes raw chocolate gluten free, but she offers nearly 40 delicious recipes that are actually very nutritious.” author=”The Gluten Free Cuisine” pubdate=”2013-06-17″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″]

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