Gluten Free Baking Recipes Ebook in Review: Guilt-Free Desserts (Kelley Herring)

Guilt-Free Desserts Your Guide to Better Baking by Kelley Herring
Guilt-Free Desserts Your Guide to Better Baking by Kelley Herring

I have a serious sweet tooth, and the mention of desserts makes me think of things like heavenly puddings, cakes, pastries and candies. You probably know gluten is usually found in many of these foods. As a result, I avoided these treats like the plague. Not fun. My will power was fading fast so I started doing some research. I mean you can usually find gluten free meals. Why not desserts?

I discovered an option that’s easily available on the Internet. Kelley Herring’s Guilt-Free Desserts Your Guide to Better Baking eBook has a treasure trove of gluten free baking recipes. The recipes aren’t just the usual suspects, such as chocolate brownies, but they’re gourmet recipes such as espresso-chocolate mousse, vanilla bean panna cotta and pumpkin flan with spiced pepita. I didn’t even eat that good when I was consuming gluten!


What’s guilt free desserts all about?

This is an eBook that contains 50 exquisite and healthy dessert recipes that a health conscious individual would probably skip. The most important aspect of the recipes are that they are all gluten free. Not only are the treats extremely healthy for the general public, but they’re also for people who have celiac disease and gluten sensitivities.

I also like that this eBook doesn’t only list the recipes themselves, but it also describes the approach behind them. In fact, the approach of this eBook is particularly refreshing and beneficial to people who know health and its importance in life. Its approach mainly focuses on not only providing the relevant recipes, but also describing why certain ingredients are used and what their benefits are.

Making substitutions for gluten free baking recipes

Before you get to the recipes, Kelley provides an extensive section that describes all the ingredients that make each treat all gluten free as well as all natural, low glycemic and allergen-friendly. It’s really helpful that she also explains the purposes of each one. For example, in the flours pages, she lists the different types of flours and describes when you would use that particular type for a dessert. Almond flour, for instance, can be used for most recipes, while hazelnut and pecan flours are best in pie crusts.

And while I primarily bought this eBook for it’s gluten free recipes, I also appreciate that she explains how her ingredients keep things healthier and lower in calories without sacrificing taste. Because of her, I now regularly use coconut oil in most of my baked treats.

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Turning desserts from enemies to friends

This eBook has managed to make me think differently about how I view desserts. All the recipes listed in this eBook counter what people typically believe about sweets (i.e., they promote weight gain).

Instead, the recipes not only remove the ingredients that tend to cause weight gain in general desserts, but also replace them with ingredients that actually promote weight loss. They even provide the kind of nutrition that a human body needs naturally.

And as we already mentioned, each of these recipes is gluten free. This is great news for someone like me who loves sweets or a parent who’s child is gluten intolerant or celiac.

Key aspects of recipes in this eBook

There are some very important aspects of the recipes that I found to be very beneficial. I’d even go as far as to tell you that these are the main reasons why you should be buying this eBook. Consider the following:

  1. The recipes do not rely on sugar like all other desserts do. Instead, natural sugars are used. Natural sugars mean unprocessed ingredients sourced straight from Mother Nature as opposed to a factory.
  2. All the desserts are grain free, fat free, and allergen free without actually suffering from this in terms of taste.
  3. Healthy fats are used in each of the gluten free recipes. This means all of them fight free radicals as well.
  4. You’ll gain practical knowledge on how to replace conventional flours with new naturally occurring ones, avoid using eggs for binding with completely vegetarian ingredients, and even make ice creams and creamy desserts without the use of dairy items.

An easy to understand eBook

The writing style of this eBook also deserves a mention. It’s casual and friendly, but what’s more important is that I found it to be extremely easy to understand. You’ll even learn a lot just by skimming through it because it’s structured so well.

These gluten free baking recipes are now my regular go-to for holidays, special occasions or any time I want something sweet. We hope you enjoy it too!

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Gluten Free Baking Recipes Ebook in Review: Guilt-Free Desserts (Kelley Herring)” description=”A fantastic ebook that provides over 50 delicious gluten free baking recipes.” rev_name=”Guilt-Free Desserts by Kelley Herring” rev_body=”When it comes to gluten free desserts and baking, it can be challenging to find the information you want. Kelley Herring not only provides over 50 delicious recipes, but she takes it a step further by helping you create gourmet concoctions that are all natural, low glycemic and allergen friendly. Even better, she helps you understand how to keep the calories down without sacrificing taste.” author=”The Gluten Free Cuisine” pubdate=”2013-07-24″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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