Eating Paleo Review: Caveman Feast (George Bryant and Abel James)

The Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel James
The Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel James

Eating paleolithic, or eating paleo, is a revolution that has been picking up pace for some time now. As conventional eating habits lead people to numerous health problems and fitness issues, many are looking at what they’re consuming. If you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you already know that what you feed your body affects how you feel. The paleo diet takes the next step by looking at what a body actually needs.

My discovery with eating paleo

After I adopted a gluten-free diet, I started looking at paleo foods. Since then, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my physical and mental state. Specifically, I have even more energy, my concentration is a lot better and a natural weight loss is happening. Since I had already gone gluten free, I found that it wasn’t difficult to go paleo. In fact, I felt it was a bit easier because it gave me a strong direction to go in.

The only issue I had was finding good paleo recipes. For awhile, I got in the habit of making substitutions in my favorite meals, but that got tedious and boring after awhile. After doing some searching, I made one of my favorite discoveries – The Caveman Feast written by George Bryant and Abel James.

What is The Caveman Feast?

The Caveman Feast is an eBook authored by the highly respected and reputed duo, George Bryant and Abel James. The eBook is based on the concept of a paleo diet, which is becoming popular in the country and the world because of various nutrition based health problems.

This way of eating is a concept which, I believe, borders on being revolutionary. In it, people switch from the kind of foods and dishes prevalent today and go back to the kind of foods that the human body was designed to have (i.e. natural and completely unprocessed food).

According to this theory, any scientific or technological involvement in the food’s origins renders it less useful to the human body. Effectively, all recipes described in this book follow strict rules on what ingredients cannot be used. The following is a list:

  1. Processed sugars
  2. Preservatives and artificial additives
  3. Dairy products and consequent derivations
  4. Lentils and potatoes
  5. Grains of all types

Following these recipes and the benefits

A paleo diet has the potential to bring about great results and improvements in an individual’s life. For instance, after only a few days of making paleo meals, I saw drastic improvements in my life and the way I felt physically and mentally.

This eBook gives you highly experienced guidance, which I didn’t have initially when I started this journey.

Here are the kind of improvements you can expect by simply following the recipes in this eBook:

  1. An increase in energy
  2. A natural weight loss
  3. Improved skin
  4. A stronger immune system
  5. Improved performance levels in terms of both physical and mental parameters

Get $20 off The Caveman Feast, which has OVER 200 delicious, Paleo recipes.

More than 210 recipes in eight different categories

Before I purchased this eBook, the one question that was on my mind the most was how many recipes would I get to play with? The answer impressed me when I saw it.

There are more than 210 recipes in this eBook. That’s definitely enough for me to experiment with for a full year. Best of all, you have beautiful, colorful pictures to accompany each recipe so you know what the food is going to look like.

These 210 plus recipes in this eBook are mainly divided into eight categories which should cover virtually all types of dishes and meals that you can think up. That’s really useful for day-to-day menus as well as special occasions. Here are the categories in this eBook:

  1. Pork based dishes
  2. Beef based dishes
  3. Seafood dishes
  4. Poultry based dishes
  5. Side dishes
  6. Condiments and accompaniments
  7. Grain free and gluten free dishes
  8. Breakfast dishes

Add-ons and bonuses

While the recipes inside this eBook are extensive, I was surprised to see all the bonuses. As of now, you get four extras that consist of an MP3 and additional eBooks. Specifically:

  • “The Fat Burning Man” MP3 by Abel James
  • “The Fat Burning Man Introduction to Paleo” eBook
  • “The Primal Rockstars” eBook
  • “Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving” eBook

Hopefully, eating paleo inspires you like it did with me.

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[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Eating Paleo Ebook in Review: Caveman Feast (George Bryant and Abel James)” description=”An amazing ebook that describes how eating paleo, or paleolithic, encourages better health and natural weight loss. Over 200 delicious Paleo recipes are included.” rev_name=”The Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel James” rev_body=”Eating paleo / primal is one of the best ways to enhance your gluten-free diet and return your body to an optimal state of health. This is one of the best paleo recipes books I’ve ever read.” author=”The Gluten Free Cuisine” pubdate=”2013-06-26″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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