Easy Paleo Snacks You Can Make

Paleo snacks are a reliable treat at any party, function or social event with the bonus that they are fun to make and fun to watch your guests enjoying them. The only problem is that there are so many types of Paleo snack that can be made; it can be a job to know just where to start! A typical spread will contain a variety of tastes from the sweet and sour spectrums, often a mixture of the two and this article is going to highlight some Paleo snacks you can easily make with the minimum of preparation (i.e. no cooking involved).


Starting with the “old favorites”….


  1. Sausage & cheese cocktail – You can buy ready cooked cocktail sausages so it’s a simple case of adding a chunk of Cheddar Cheese on a cocktail stick.
  2. Cheese & Pineapple cocktail – A classic Paleo with Cheddar cheese and a piece of sweet pineapple on top, skewered with a cocktail stick.
  3. Cheese & Cucumber sandwiches – A simple blend of Cheddar cheese and slices of cucumber between two slices of bread and cut in to triangles.
  4. Cheese and Onion cocktail – Now you have bought all this Cheddar cheese you need to use it! Place a square of cheese on top of a silverskin pickled onion (not the sweet variety) on a cocktail stick.
  5. Tuna & Cucumber sandwiches – Mashed Tuna chunks with slices of cucumber between two slices of bread and cut in to triangles.
  6. Carrot Sticks – A simple snack by slicing an uncooked carrot down its length in strips of about ¼” wide.
  7. Dips – To compliment your sliced carrots, and other Paleo snacks, make some dips, failing that prepared dips can be bought from supermarkets, normally in a variety of flavours, adding to the enjoyment.
  8. Nuts – Dry roasted or salted peanuts are always popular “nibbles” but if you really like your guests how about pushing the boat out and offer roasted Cashew nuts.
  9. Sliced Apple – A simple slice of ripe apple is a superb and healthy Paleo, just make sure they are not exposed to the air for too long to prevent them turning brown.
  10. Chicken wings and Drumsticks – Pre-cooked Chicken wings and drumsticks are normally readily available with either a spicy or barbeque coating.
  11. Mixed Fruits – A bowl of mixed fruit such as apple, raspberries, grapes, sultanas and blackberries not only add a healthy splash of colour to your spread but taste great, perhaps serve with plain or flavoured chilled Yoghurt.
  12. Dry Fruits – Raisins, Sultanas and even dates make excellent Paleo snacks, again could be served with plain or flavoured chilled Yoghurt for variety. Nothing to stop you mixing this with the mixed fruits.
  13. Celery Sticks – Slice Celery sticks in to more manageable pieces (say 4” long x ¼” – ½” wide. Add a sprinkling of salt or leave plain and serve with dips.
  14. Olives – Quick and easy, either just place then in a bowl or slice them in half and place in a bowl. To enhance the presentation use a mixture of black and green olives.
  15. Pate – Spread pate on to small water biscuits or small crusty finger rolls.
  16. Deli Meats – Roll up thin slices of deli meats i.e. Ham, smoked ham and Salami are a good starting point, perhaps use the meat as wraps with a cheese paste based filling.
  17. Spicy Indian Nibble Mix – Pre-packed spicy nibbles similar to what you will find in an Indian restaurant or take away. Many people find these completely irresistible.


There you have it, a list of Paleo snacks you can easily make without cooking anything. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget but from the suggestions above you have enough options to create an amazing spread that will cover most tastes. Keep it simple and the food small, the job of a Paleo snack is to add a taste sensation in the mouth, not fill up the stomach.


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