Gluten-Free Made Easy Book Review

Gluten-Free Made Easy Book cover

If you’re like me, you like to collect lots of gluten-free cookbooks. The most recent book, Gluten-Free Made Easy, is a new one that I’m happy to have in my collection. The authors of this cookbook — Christi Silbaugh and Michele Vilseck — provide a delicious collection of recipes that are safe for those with celiac disease. And for … Read more

The Virgin Diet Cookbook Review

The Virgin Diet Cookbook by JJ Virgin

Recently, I was asked to review JJ Virgin’s book The Virgin Diet Cookbook. At the time, I didn’t realize the impact this book would have on me. I’ve written about a lot of great products on this site, but this one just blew me away. I recommend it to everyone — not just those who go gluten free. … Read more

Top 5 Gluten Free Recipe Books

Recipe box. Image courtesy of prettytypewriters on Flickr.

Starting a gluten-free diet can be totally overwhelming because you completely change the way you eat. And if you don’t already cook, that’s even more daunting because most of us don’t want to get stuck eating salad all day. Fortunately, many gluten free recipe books are available to help make this transition smoother. Add to that … Read more

Gluten Free Baking Recipes Ebook in Review: Guilt-Free Desserts (Kelley Herring)

Guilt-Free Desserts Your Guide to Better Baking by Kelley Herring

I have a serious sweet tooth, and the mention of desserts makes me think of things like heavenly puddings, cakes, pastries and candies. You probably know gluten is usually found in many of these foods. As a result, I avoided these treats like the plague. Not fun. My will power was fading fast so I started … Read more

Loren Cordain Book Review: The Paleo Diet Revised

The Paleo Diet Revised by Loren Cordain

The concept of the Paleo diet first came to a head back in the 1970s. Since then, this diet has gained popularity due to an increase in the number of health problems that people are facing these days. In my search for health and effective weight loss within the bounds of a gluten-free diet, I … Read more