Loren Cordain Book Review: The Paleo Diet Revised

The Paleo Diet Revised by Loren Cordain

The concept of the Paleo diet first came to a head back in the 1970s. Since then, this diet has gained popularity due to an increase in the number of health problems that people are facing these days. In my search for health and effective weight loss within the bounds of a gluten-free diet, I … Read more

Eating Paleo Review: Caveman Feast (George Bryant and Abel James)

The Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel James

Eating paleolithic, or eating paleo, is a revolution that has been picking up pace for some time now. As conventional eating habits lead people to numerous health problems and fitness issues, many are looking at what they’re consuming. If you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you already know that what you feed your body … Read more

Eating Paleo and the Gluten-Free Diet: A Compatible Lifestyle

Barbequed prawn salad with shrimp lettuce and green lime

Eating Paleo / Primal foods reverts to a very basic diet consisting of meat, fish and seafood, vegetables, eggs, herbs, nuts, seeds, fruit and healthy oils. You’ll see at least one common factor here: all of these natural foods can be eaten with minimal to no form of processing or altering.   And, like the … Read more

Caveman Diet Recipes 101: Beginner Information for the Primal / Paleo Lifestyle

caveman with fire and axe

The caveman diet, also known as the Paleolithic (Paleo) or Primal diet, reverts back to the days of the hunter / gatherer when processed foods didn’t exist. Cavemen ate only what they could catch or find. There were no stores to depend on for food, and all they had were their instincts to survive. Many … Read more