5 Benefits of a Gluten Free Diet

Although some may call eating gluten free a “trend,” others who have actually changed their eating know it’s so much more. Staying away from gluten can bring relief to health problems such as digestive issues and bloating. For Celiac Disease sufferers, removing all gluten is an absolute necessity. If you’re on the fence about changing your eating habits, read on. The information below describes a few benefits of a gluten free diet so that you understand how this change in eating can help you too.

Living a healthier lifestyle

Being gluten free naturally removes a lot of processed foods, which often contain excess carbohydrates and calories. When you support your diet with more vegetables and fruits to get your daily nutrition, you’ll get more fiber. Studies have shown that a diet high in fiber and lower in chemicals from processing reduces the risk of some cancers. Even more, the antioxidants in all those veggies and fruits helps fight off colds.

The benefits of a gluten free diet for children

While more research needs to be done, parents of kids who have autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are reporting that a gluten-free diet helps relieve some autistic symptoms. The specific improvements being noted are changes in speech as well as cognitive behaviors.

Children who don’t have ASD are also showing signs of improvement. Many parents are seeing better energy levels, relief of digestive problems and enhanced concentration.

The difficulty with this lifestyle is that it can be hard for kids to follow such a restrictive diet, especially during festive occasions. If you decide to try this with your child, talk with your pediatrician and nutritionist first to help you set up a plan for success.

Check out “How to Raise Kids Gluten Free” by Melanie Wilson for a practical guide to raising kids in a gluten-free world.

Increasing your energy

Once you remove the gluten, your digestive system doesn’t have to work so hard. As a result, you can expect to have less fatigue and more drive during the day. By bringing your digestive system to its optimum level, you’ll see a huge improvement from those sluggish and run down feelings.

Can going gluten free help you lose weight?

Gluten is a protein found in grains, such as barley, rye and wheat, as well as many byproducts found in processed foods. These packaged foods often contain excess carbohydrates and sugars that your body doesn’t need. Simply put, being gluten free automatically stops you from eating these foods, and many find that weight loss is a beneficial side effect. Of course, you still want to watch those calories in order to achieve successful gluten free diet weight loss.

Improving your dental health

If you suspect that gluten may be affecting your teeth, then you guessed right! Gluten has a phosphorous mineral known as “phytate.” The phytate acids stop other minerals from being absorbed and as a result, allow bacteria to consume starches in your mouth. This often leads to tooth decay and gingivitis.

Although people can react to gluten in different ways, it’s reasonable to say that the benefits of a gluten free diet are quite considerable and, therefore, worth pursuing. I’m someone that can attest to the benefits as I no longer experience migraines, joint pain, stomachaches and swollen ankles, which I had become accustomed to until I made changes.

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